Here for the first time or needing a refresher on the basics? This part will take you through everything related to your platform configuration - from your personal and team setup to your organisations’ management. Let’s get you ready to fully benefit from what Upflow has to offer!

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Understand your financial metrics

Curious about how your cash collection is doing? We have great news for you: Upflow will show you how efficient your approach is, highlight areas for improvement and help you plan for the future. Come and learn about the analyses you can run on your platform, and adjust your strategy with data-based insights!

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Bring your teams together in systematizing your cash collection

Tired of these time-consuming and moderately effective spreadsheets? Set the perfect Workflows to get paid on time! This part will teach you everything you need to know about configuring automated (yet personalised!) reminders to your clients while collaborating with your team.

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Streamline your customers' payment experience

Information spread across different tools is a thing of the past. Now is just a couple of clicks to access a detailed view of your customers’ invoices, payments and information for an efficient cash collection. Your customers can also benefit from Upflow! End the hassle of lost documents by offering your customers a dedicated platform to check, download and pay their invoices.

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Getting technical

Ready to get your hands in the engine? This part details the configuration of your integrations, and guides you around potential roadblocks!

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