Invite any team member to Upflow and define their access and permissions based on their use of the platform from the Members page of your Settings.

Click on Invite members in the top-right corner to display the creation menu…

…and fill in the requested information.

You can either add one member at a time or invite several at once by listing their emails separated by commas (without space!). Shall you go with the second option, the selected Role and Position will be applied to all the listed new joiners!

This choice grants them more or less access and rights to the organization (more information in the dedicated article!).

Your platform is ready for your teammates to have a go at it? Tick the Send an invitation box! If you conversely want to finalize your setup before everyone joins, leave it unticked—you will be able to open the doors to your Organization later.

Click on Submit as soon as you’re happy with the result, or on Cancel to make the menu disappear (so will your choices, if you do!).

❗ Please note you will need to recreate members across the organizations you want them to access.

Changed your mind? Have an internal reorganization? You can always edit your members’ information.

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