Sending customer payment reminders often takes place separately from the sales cycle process. However, it should be a primary focus for your sales team/account managers since it is the key driver of your financial performance.

Step 1 : Add new members

Are you looking to add your Account Managers to the platform but you don't know which status to give them?

To invite new members: Click in the right hand corner above your logo > Members. You then click on "Invite a member".

We recommend inviting them as a Member to give them access to the platform (while restricting access to the account settings), and to give them the Account Manager status so that they can view their customer portfolio with a personalized overview.

Step 2 : Assign Account Managers to their customer accounts

In the Customers tab, you can assign one or more customers to your Account Managers:

  1. As a group
  • This can be done either by selecting several customer accounts and assigning them to an Account Manager by clicking on "Assign an Account Manager".
  • Or, this can be done by downloading the list of customers by clicking on "Export". You then add an extra column for "Account Manager" where you fill in the Account Manager's email address. You can then send us this file and we will take care of assigning the customers for you.

2. Individually

By accessing the relevant customer's file and modifying / adding an Account Manager by clicking on the pencil.

Step 3: Assign a follow-up reminder action to your Account Managers

From the Action tab, your Account Managers are able to follow-up on the actions that need to be performed. To do so, you have to include the field "Account Manager" in the workflow.

You can also add them by default to be in copy of reminder emails by adding the "Account Manager" in the copy field (CC) or as a hidden copy (CCI).

Step 4 : Monitor and follow-up on reminders

If your plan allows it, you'll see a "Reports" tab where you can access data pertaining to your Account Managers such as:

  • An aging analysis per Account Manager
  • Actions that needs to be formed and actions that have been completed by Account Managers

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