Are you looking to invite a new member to join your Upflow platform and are wondering what role and position to give him/her?

What are the differences between the role of an administrator and that of a member?

  • Administrator: they have all the authorizations necessary to change settings on the platform (e.g. setting-up a workflow, adding a new member, ...). and are able to access the Reports tab if available in your plan.

  • Member: they have access to the platform, but cannot change any settings apart from configuring their own email signature. The user does not have access to the Reports tab either.

  • Owner: Additionally to sharing the administrator’s access, the owner is the only team member who can delete other users, and transfer the platform’s ownership.

💡 Your team member roles are displayed in the (sortable!) role column of your Members page.

What is the difference between Account Manager, Finance Manager, and Accountant positions?

  • Account Manager: they can only display the customers that the administrator has assigned to them, therefore they only have access to the customer information associated with their own accounts. If an Account Manager does not have an associated customer, he won't be able to view any of that customer's data.

  • Financial & Accounting Managers: they have access to data concerning all customer accounts and receive a weekly recap email with the number of actions performed, the amount due and collected (only the Finance and Accounting Managers have the option to receive it).

We advise you to combine the Position and the Role based on the following examples:

  • Executive Director : administrator + finance manager

  • Finance Team : administrator + finance manager

  • Sales Team / Project Managers : member + account manager

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