You can create as many workflows as you'd like, customize them, and assign them to the appropriate customers. You can customize them according to your customer's language, your business relationship (formal or informal language), or you can set-up a specific reminder frequency for "bad payers".

Upflow provides you with a sample workflow consisting of several actions before and after your invoice's scheduled due date. Click on an action to change or modify it. 

What can be modified :

  • The action’s title name
  • The person in charge of the action
  • The frequency/date of occurence
  • The type of action
  • The content and the subject title for emails and letters
  • The format of the reminder action: call, automatic email, hand-typed email, handwritten letter, or registered mail. 
  • As well as the active fields (first name, company name, etc.)

Your workflows are ready! To find out how to assign your customers to the corresponding workflows, you can read this informative notice.

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