How to customize my reminders?

Tailor every step of your cash collection from your tone of voice to the involved interlocutors and via the right channel!

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Chances are you will not involve your Finance director from the very beginning of your cash collection journey ; let alone start reminding your customers of their pending invoices via postal letters, or directly reach out to their Legal team. You might also want to personalize the content of your communications with information related to the due amount, names, or simply the appropriate tone. Configure these variants to create a communication adapted to each step.

To do so, jump on the workflow you want to adjust, and click on the action you want to improve. It will display an edition panel on the right half of your screen where you can configure the following elements from.

Bespokable variants

The name helps you identify the action and will be displayed on your Workflow’s dashboard, your Actions list; and the timelines of customers they are sent to.

An action's owner (who can differ from the Account manager!) is responsible for completing the manual ones. You can add as many owners as you want, to be chosen among your teammates (except account managers) and their roles (thus looping in all members of a group).

The trigger will define the moment an action will be executed, based on the carrying invoice's due or emission date. Don’t forget triggers can be overruled!

An action's type is your reminder's channel. This last choice will display a template or a script of what is to be shared with your customer.

Action templates

Pick the right interlocutor(s) among your customers’ contacts and your team members,

; or add an external email address (❗don’t forget this will be applied across all the accounts this workflow is assigned to).

This field will not be displayed for postal letters, but you will be required to fill in this information when completing the action.

[For automatic emails only] Define whose address the action will be sent from. You can choose any member from your list, not necessarily the Account manager. It can also be a users' group, as long as you’ve created a member with the group’s email (no need to log in with it!)

❗ If you haven’t set your DNS, the From field of your recipient will display the chosen member’s name along with a generic address ([email protected]).

Last but not least, type in your action’s content!

For a phone call, draft a script to be followed or read through by your action’s owner.

For written communication, write the message that will be sent out (you will not be able to review it prior to sending it in the case of automatic emails). You can personalize it with tags (placeholders that will be replaced by actual customer data in your communication).

Tick this last box to attach the PDF version of your invoices to your automatic emails. Manual reminders leave you the possibility to attach documents during their completion.

Do not forget to Save your work!

💡 If you are happy with an Action, you can Duplicate it (it will be fully updatable, of course). And no worries, any outdated Action can also be Deleted!

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