You can create as many workflows as you'd like, customize them, and assign them to the appropriate customers. You can customize them according to your customer's language, your business relationship (using formal or informal language), or you can set-up a specific reminder frequency for "bad payers".

Once your workflow is ready, you can assign it to a customer. You can assign one or more customers to any given workflow. 

In the Customers tab:

  1. As a group: 
  • Select one or more customer accounts 
  • Click "Assign a workflow" 
  • Choose the workflow to add your customer(s)

Or, this can be done by downloading the list of customers by clicking on "Export". You then add an extra column for "Workflow" where you fill in the assigned workflow. You can then send us this file and we will take care of assigning the customers for you.

      2. Individually

  • Go to a customer profile page
  • Click on the pencil next to the title of the already assigned workflow to change it.

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