Can my customers reply to my reminders?

Answers to your actions can be followed up by their owner or redirected to an address of your choosing.

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When configuring email reminders, you define a sender your customers will receive their reminders from. You can also choose whether the expeditor should follow up shall they decide to reply; or to have their answer sent to a custom e-mail address.

This is defined at a workflow level.

Tick Email Sender to have the replies of your customers sent to the address of the member:

  • who sent the reminder (manual email)

  • designated as the sender (automatic email)

Maybe you have a team member (not necessarily an Upflow user) handling all of the follow-ups, or want a group of users to receive them, so nothing falls into the cracks? In this case, tick Custom address to have your customers’ replies sent to a reminder redirected there.

❗Please note the address is not created by populating this field and should exist!

Go further by importing your customers’ replies to Upflow, and displaying them on their Timeline where you can follow up from!

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