What do the different reminder email statuses mean when sent to customers?
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Thanks to your Upflow platform, you can send reminders to your customers. However what also interests you is knowing if they have actually opened the email or received your letter.

You can view the status of your outgoing actions from the customer timeline. Whether it's an email or a letter, track their status to see if your customers have received, opened, or refused them.

In your customer's timeline, you can see whether your email has been opened, received, or ignored. Regarding your letters, you can find out if they have been delivered or are still being dispatched.

The different email statuses are the following:

  1. Received: the email was successfully received 

    2. Opened: the email has been opened 

When there are several recipients for one e-mail, you can view the details per recipient by moving your mouse over the status.

    3. Blocked:  the email was unable to be sent. In this case, are you sure that the recipient's email address is correct? If so, please contact us so that we can help you resolve this problem. 

🚨 When your Deliverability isn't configured, it can lead to emails delivery issues. Some emails providers might block Upflow's emails such as [email protected]. Here's how to do it!

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