An invoice may be subject to a dispute but do you think it will be settled by your customer one day?

Be careful with reminders though, Upflow has you covered!

Upflow enables you to put an invoice in dispute in one simple process. On the invoice page, click Details > Change Status >  Dispute 

An invoice can be disputed by an Accountant, a Financial Manager, or even an Account Manager who is directly in contact with the customer, making it possible for him or her to report a business related dispute.

By putting an invoice in dispute, the invoice is removed from the workflow and will not incur any more reminders. However, since you still plan on collecting payment, the invoice will still be:

  • Included in your statistics

  • Displayed in the shared space with your customer so that he or she doesn't miss it (example below)

Has your dispute ended? On the invoice page, click Details > Change Status > Mark Dispute as resolved

For statistical purposes, you can export a summary view of disputed invoices from the Invoices tab. Before doing so, remember to us the filter "In dispute" when exporting the document.

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