Invoice disputes
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If there is an issue with one of your invoices, you better know sooner rather than later. The invoice doesn't have to be 90 days past due for you to solve the issue.

To identify those invoices, you can use the dispute feature.

What is the impact of disputing an invoice?

When disputed, an invoice is excluded from the collection process though it remains accounted for in your analytics and available on your customer portal.

From the invoice details page

On your customer portal

How to dispute an invoice?

Invoices can be disputed by you, or by your customers.

From the invoice details page

You can dispute an invoice from the invoice details page, by clicking on the three dots at the top right. Select the reason for the dispute so you are able to identify issues in your process and solve them.

From the customer portal

When a customer disputes an invoice from the portal, the finance users and the assigned users will receive a notification. Similarly, if they resolve the dispute from the portal.

If you don't want to give that possibility to your customers, head over to your Settings, Customer portal section, and disable the feature:

How to identify disputed invoices?

You can identify and track disputed invoices by filtering on the IN DISPUTE status in your Invoices list view.

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