Is an invoice the subject of a dispute and you think that it will never be paid by your customer? Do not delete the invoice, it must be kept from an accountant's point of view.

Upflow allows you to set an invoice as write off. By clicking on the detail of an Invoice > Write off.

Note: If you are using Stripe Billing, you will need to mark this invoice as uncollectible in Stripe.

write off an invoice in Upflow

By writing off an invoice, the latter leaves your workflow and will therefore no longer be actionable. Since you do not plan to cover it later, this invoice is no longer:

  • Counted in your analytics

  • Displayed in the space shared with your client

Has your dispute ended and you believe you will be able to recover this receivable? Click on the detail of an invoice > Mark as receivable again.

For analytical purposes, please note that it is possible to export a view of write off invoices from the Invoices tab. Beforehand, remember to filter the view to export with the status "Write off".

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