Why connect Upflow to QuickBooks?

By connecting Upflow to QuickBooks, your invoice, customer and payment data which is used to power your collection workflows will always be up to date. 

How does work?

The synchronisation is one way: from QuickBooks to Upflow. What that means is that if you need to update an invoice or customer, you should be doing this in QuickBooks.

However, you are free to create and edit contacts, collection workflows, notes and other information that is related to your collection process directly from within Upflow.

Getting started

Getting started couldn't be easier, all you have to do is to create an account by following the link below. After this, just click on the connect to QuickBooks button, enter your credentials and that's it, you'll be up and running within 5 minutes.

I want to create my Upflow Account with Quickbooks

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