Enable card payments via Upflow

A quick guide to help you set up your Stripe integration

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❗A Stripe admin account is required to use this feature. Find out about it here!

Connect your Stripe Payments account to your organization and allow your customers to pay by card from their Portal. The transactions will appear in-app and, if your source system allows, even pushed there!


❗You can only link one Stripe account per organization and not reuse it across your Upflow instances.

In the Payment tab of your Settings, click Add payment method and select Cards before choosing Connect to Stripe.

The connection is an Open authorization protocol, meaning you need to log into your account from Upflow to grant the application access to your information.

Set up your preferred options (you can edit them at any moment) and save.

  • Transaction limit

    Prevent unexpected charges by defining a maximum amount. Your customers will not be able to exceed it when paying you with this method (valid per transaction).

  • Convenience fee

    Pass your Card payment costs on to your customers by setting a fixed fee and a percentage on the paid amount (details below).

  • Activation for all new customers

    Automatically enable this payment method for all customers created after its addition to your organization.

Changed your mind? update your options or delete the payment method from the same tab at any moment.

From your customers to your source solution

Enable this payment method

  • at the account level, from their details

  • in bulk, from the Customers tab

Those for whom you activate it will be offered the option to pay you by card from thereon and save their information for future payments if you enable the Autopay feature.

💡 Advertize it in your reminders to drive this method’s adoption and reduce payment delays!

If you connected Xero, QuickBooks, Stripe Billing, or Chargebee to your Upflow organization, we will push the payment information there. Other integrations will collect it from Stripe.

Convenience fees

Convenience fees are calculated per Stripe’s rules and applied to your customers’ payments by credit card.

They are informed about it before completing the operation, with a notification on the method’s name and a breakdown of the paid amount (subtotal, fees, late fees…). The same breakdown is also added to their receipt.

Convenience fees are also available on your Payments details. They appear on the list as a filterable and sortable column you can hide, display, or move around.

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