You wish to allow your customers to pay by card directly from their customer portal? Here's a quick guide on how to set it up! 

  1. How to connect Stripe Payments and Upflow ?

This connection can be done in one single click from your Settings Menu > Card Payments > Connect Stripe.
You need to be a Stripe admin to interconnect your account.

Once completed, you will also be able to adjust maximum amount allowed to be paid by card in your settings (Settings >Card payments). It has been set to $10,000 by default. 

2. Activate this option at a customer level

By default, none of your customers are allowed to pay you by card at this stage.
You can activate it: 

  • For all your customers. How? Settings > Card payments > Enable for all customers (see screenshot). 
  •  Individually. How? From the customer details > Settings (see screenshot). 

Once this is activated, your customers will see a button "Pay by Credit Card" on his customer portal (see screenshot)

3. Last step is to let your customer know that this option is available

We recommend that you update your chasing  emails to let your customers know that that they can pay by card now. 

Pricing for this feature is a commission of 0.2% for each transaction.

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