Looking for the fastest way to turn freshly issued invoices into cash? Create a streamlined process by sending invoices through Upflow. Customers can receive and pay invoices at a single point through their portal.

Why do we recommend implementing this feature?

  • It serves as a subtle reminder of your customer's unpaid invoices

  • It allows better clarity on the end to end process in terms of communication (the email has no Upflow branding to ensure a personal touch).

  • Your Account Managers can join the process and send the first invoice by email if appropriate

  • By activating your card payment feature along with this feature, your customers can pay directly upon reception via their customer portal: "Invoice sent at 5pm and paid at 7pm"

How to implement this feature (step by step)?

1) Activate the feature

From the tab Settings > Invoicing > Activate Send invoices from Upflow

⚠️ Don't forget to deactivate this feature in your invoicing tool to avoid sending duplicates.

2) Feature settings

Once the feature has been activated, you will just need to set up the content of your email.

How so? From the Workflow tab, in your workflow schedule(s), a new action is displayed: Billing Template.

By clicking on this action, you can configure:

  • The content and the email’s recipients, by adding custom tags specifics to this action

  • Choose to have the email sent automatically or not

    • If you decide to automate your invoices sending, you’ll just have to check the Send automatically after the issue date box below, and choose the sender among the platform users

If your mailing is automated, the invoice will be sent to the customer the day after the issue date has been met:

  • If the invoice is imported in Upflow (~issued) before 6.30am UTC, it will be sent on the same day.

  • If the invoice is imported in Upflow (~issued) after 6.30AM UTC, it will be sent the next weekday:

    • This means if an invoice is issued at 8.30am UTC on a Friday, it will only be sent the next Monday

    • If an invoice issue date falls on a week-end (Saturday or Sunday), it will be sent the next Monday.

If your mailing is done manually, an action will be necessary on your behalf to send the email.

How? By going to the Invoices tab, select among the filters the Unsent status, or click on the blue link on top of the Invoices tab.

Then select the invoices you want to send and click on the Actions button and Send and valid.

If you upload your invoices to another platform or you have a certain invoicing process for different clients, no problem, click on Mark as sent instead of Send, and valid.

The invoice will be automatically attached in PDF to your email.

Important: If you have a Parent & Entity structure, please note that this feature only works at the entity level.


  • Can I update the content at the invoice/customer level?

No, at the moment you can only personalize the content in the workflow configuration under the Billing template.

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