Send invoices from Upflow
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Offer your customers a smooth payment experience from the start by sending them a personalized reminder for each issued invoice (including its attached PDF version).

This also grants your team access to all the elements of a collection: the invoice, its deliverability details, the customer’s reaction…

How to enable the feature?

❗ Do not forget to disable the feature in your source system to avoid double notifications!

Start with toggling Send invoices using Upflow in the Invoicing tab of your Settings

A Billing template is now available as the first action of your workflows from thereon!

Click it to configure its behavior like you would any action: customize the message accompanying your invoices, define its recipients, loop in a team member…

💡 Add context with billing template-specific template tags.

Tick Send automatically after the issue date to automate the reminder—it will otherwise appear in your Invoices’ tab as an unsent document (details below).

Happy with the result? Don't forget to save!

The sending part

❗ You will not be able to send invoices from Upflow to customers without a contact. In such cases, they will remain unsent until you create one.


If you went with an automatic action, it will be triggered depending on the time the invoice is imported into Upflow:

  • before 6.30 am UTC → sent on the same day

  • after 6.30 am UTC → sent the next weekday

❗ Please note the email scheduling doesn’t apply here!

Manual action

If you didn’t tick the Send automatically after the issue date box, you will need to execute the action manually.

This message is not an Action per se and doesn’t need as thorough a review as your reminders—meaning you can send several at once. Let alone the potential overloading of your Actions tab if you create invoices in bulk! Unsent documents requiring your intervention are thus directly accessible from the invoices list.

Display them with the status filter, or click Unsent invoices above the list (available if applicable).

Access one’s details and Send it out, or Mark it as sent using the dedicated buttons in the top right corner.

You can alternatively complete these operations directly from the list. Select the invoice(s) you want to intervene on and pick the action of your choice from the top-right corner.

Before sending the invoice, you’ll need to confirm its recipient.

💡 Update your workflow or your contact if you’d rather send them to someone else.

Marking an invoice as sent will update its status (to Due or Overdue, depending on whether its due date is past) without notifying your contact.

Re-sending an invoice

Additionally, you can resend any invoice from the invoice details page.

Reception and follow-up

When the action is completed, your customers will receive an email with the attached PDF version of the invoice.

💡 Unsent invoices are not displayed on your Customers’ portals!

Review their details and track their delivery from your timelines as you would any other written action.

Please note the Unsent status will not be overwritten with your source system data.

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