In order to bring an even more personalized experience to your payment reminder process, how would it sound to send reminder emails directly from your own e-mail address?

Here are a few small instructions on how to proceed!

Step 1: Add your domain name

To send reminder emails directly from your own email address, enter in your domain name by clicking Settings > Organization > Deliverability

Your domain name is what follows after the "@" in your email address (ex. [email protected] > the domain would be:

Step 2: Complete the required fields for your domain

You may want to ask your IT department to configure this for you

Once your domain has been added, information pertaining to your domain will be generated automatically.

This information needs to be added to your DNS, which is the domain name system that enables us to send reminder emails from your own email address.

Step 3: Verify your domain

After adding this information, click on Settings > Organization >Deliverability > Verify your domain.

Once you have completed these steps, any email sent after will come from your own email address, otherwise as a default setting, they will continue to be sent from [email protected].

Failed Status

To troubleshoot failed DNS entries, you can use this handy DNS lookup tool or other similar tools to find more about what the problem is.

If you have any questions or need assistance in doing this, just let us know.

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