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How to set a custom DNS (we’re not using Mailgun at my company)?
How to set a custom DNS (we’re not using Mailgun at my company)?

Forget the generic reminders’ address and send your Upflow emails from your domain! Only applies if you are not already using Mailgun.

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We recommend you include your technical team in this process.

❗We need to make sure we’re not stepping on another solution’s toes. If your company is already using Mailgun with another tool, the following error message will be displayed:

“It seems that this domain is already used by a Mailgun account. Please contact our Support

  • you can then either set a custom DNS with an alias; or connect Upflow to your SMTP.

  • if you are okay with retiring the existing setup, get in touch with [email protected], and we will liaise with Mailgun on your behalf to make the following setup possible!

All set?

  1. Get to the Deliverability menu of your Settings and pick Configure your DNS

  2. …before filling in your domain name. (It’s the part of your company’s email addresses that follow the @. For us, at Upflow, it is and click on Add domain.

    Information pertaining to your domain will be generated automatically.

  3. Access your DNS and create the appropriate records, populating the aforementioned information in the dedicated fields. Not sure how to do it? Let us know: we might have some related documentation to share!

  4. Make sure your setup worked by clicking on Verify your domain, at the bottom of the page. A Verified Status should appear by each record.

Please note that even though they are immediate with the most used providers, DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to be effective.

From now on, your reminders will be sent from their owner's address as long as it matches your domain. If it doesn’t, Upflow will fall back to sending emails from [email protected].

→ What happens when my DNS is not configured and my reminders are sent from [email protected]?

If you set up the Reply To section of your workflow on "Sender":

If you set up the Reply To section of your workflow on a specific address:

❗Something went wrong? Without access to your DNS, we cannot identify the origin of the problem. You will however find useful resources such as this DNS lookup tool online.

If in doubt, you can of course reach out to [email protected].

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