Send invoices via Upflow: Which tags can be used in the billing template?
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Are you using Upflow to send your very first invoices out to your clients? Here's a full article on how to set up this feature.

Good news: you can personalize your email with specific tags!

To change your email’s template (either manually or automatically), click on your company logo (on the bottom left) > Workflows. Then select the workflow and the "Billing Template" action.

In the template email action, you can use tags. These tags are variables that will be replaced by the corresponding text values in your email.

Here are the variables you can currently use:




Title of the collection’s carrying invoice.


The invoice's reference.



The date the invoice was issued.


The invoice's due date.


The invoice's total amount in the applied currency.


The invoice's total amount minus the applied credit notes'


The invoice's total amount minus the applied credit notes and payments.

{invoice_link_start}{invoice_ref} {invoice_link_end}

Link to downloading the invoice. If you prefer, replace the {carrying_invoice_ref} tag with any text you like.

{stripe_customer_portal_link_start}Replace with your clickable text{stripe_customer_portal_link_end}

❗Only available if you connected Stripe Billing to your Upflow organization.

Hypertext redirecting to your customer’s Stripe Portal.

Please note these tags can only be used in the billing template. If you'd like to see which tags you can add to your email or letter, head over to this article.

Can you think of any other variables you might need? Let us know!

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