Why can’t I see some reminders or the same number as my colleague’s?
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You have a different number of actions compared to your other colleagues in Upflow? No worry, that could be due to two things:

  • You may have different roles in Upflow (Financial manager, Account manager, Accountant...)

  • You may have been given different actions (the "Owner" field in an action’s description - you can add as many as you want) ⤵️

Every person having the role added to this section, will see the action pending in their Actions tab. You can add several roles in this section: Account manager, Accountant, Financial manager or any specific person ⤵️

⚠️ Only users having the roles selected in this section will see the actions to perform. If your role is different, this will explain why you don’t see any actions to perform for a customer that should have one. Check the workflow assigned to this customer: if your role isn’t displayed in the owner’s section, you will not see this action.

🚨 When customers aren't assigned to an account manager, they will be automatically considered assigned to the platform owner:

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