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Getting Started Guide for Admins
Getting Started Guide for Admins

The Admins' “Getting Started” Guide

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Admins, welcome to Upflow!

Upflow will help you structure your AR collection process in order to collect customer payments effortlessly.

To get started, you will first want to set-up your platform by clicking on your logo at the bottom left of your screen to display the following menu:

Step 1: You will want to set up your Company's Workflows in Upflow

Workflows are the sequences of actions that you can parameter to chase your customers systematically.

We've added a default workflow that you can start using now. We recommend that you customize your workflow depending on your different customer profiles (eg. Large vs small accounts or different languages).

Step 2: You will want to set up your Company's Settings in Upflow

This will allow personalizing your platform and enabling some key features.



Company section

  • Add your logo, a support contact (email and phone) that will be displayed on each Customer Portal

  • Set up your company's timezone for automatic emails to be sent between 8 and 9 am


Enable payments

Step 3: You will want to invite your team to join Upflow

The more the merrier!


Any questions? Get in touch!

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