Automatic emails via Upflow: How does it work?
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You can set up various types of actions within your different workflows: manual emails, automatic emails, calls, and letters.

This article focuses on how to set up automatic emails.

Step 1: Choose Email and click on Send automatically

First thing first, you can decide to set up one or more email actions to be automatic. This is done at the action level.

We recommend automating only a few emails and keeping others as manual in order to personalize them and stay in control of the process.

Once you've defined an action to be automatic in the workflow, the first automatic emails will be sent out automatically the following day between 8am and 9am (Monday to Friday) depending on your time zone (change your time zone in your Settings > Company). Then, automatic emails will be sent out the day of the trigger.

Step 2: Set up your automatic email

You can configure your automatic email as you would a manual one.

The additional field will be the sender. Click on the Send as button, and choose who you want this email to be sent from (Account Manager or any individual member):

🚨 If you want your customers to receive automatic emails from the sender's email address, make sure to configure your Deliverability. Here's how to do it.

Step 3: How will it be displayed?

You'll be able to see sent emails on the customer's timeline (1) and especially if your customer has opened the email or not (2) (What do the different reminder email statuses mean when sent to customers?).

You can identify your email from its icon (3) and who sent it with their initials on the right (4).

Your first action is automatic, and the following action is manual. You've just moved a customer to this workflow that has a very overdue invoice. What will happen?

The collection process will start at stage 1, which will cause the automatic email to be sent out if you're on a Standard logic.

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