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Do you have a customer that isn’t synchronized?
Do you have a customer that isn’t synchronized?

An invoice, payment, or credit note is not up to date on Upflow.

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Your Upflow platform is synchronized with your invoicing tool but you noticed that there is a customer whose balance isn’t correct.

Please go ahead and send us the following information (mandatory - without it, we won’t be able to process your request) to the email address [email protected] .

You can copy-paste the text below and fill it out directly in your email:

  • Company name:

  • The name of your invoicing system:

  • The URL link to the unsynchronized invoice(s):

  • Describe the error you are encountering "This invoice has been paid in my system however it appears as unpaid in Upflow" or "This invoice doesn’t exist in my invoicing system"

  • A screenshot of the invoice marked as paid in your invoicing tool.

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