Execute an action out of the workflow

Can I perform an action on a customer outside of the established workflow?

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Your collection sometimes cannot wait for the next action to be triggered. End of a billing period, an impromptu phone call to log, new contact to loop in…there are many reasons to complete a reminder prior to its scheduled date. Own your communication and make sure it is mirrored in Upflow with actions out of the blue!

❗Actions out of the blue are only available

  • to a customer’s assigned Account Manager and the organization’s Administrator(s)

  • when cash can be collected (your customer’s outstanding amount shouldn’t be null)

  • as long as the next action is not due yet

If the aforementioned criteria are met, you can complete an action from a customer’s details.

Click on the Remind now button in the top-right corner of the screen.

💡 Alternatively, you will see

  • the clickable next action’s name if one was triggered and assigned to you

  • a non-clickable “action due now” mention if one was triggered and assigned to someone else

  • a non-clickable “No action to do” mention if the customer doesn’t owe you anything

You will be redirected to the Action module, landing on the next scheduled reminder. You’ll fall back on your workflow’s first email if none is. If not applicable, the templated content will be your Default workflow’s first email.

Click on the action type (Call, Email, etc) button to see your templates library.

Adjust it as you would when completing a manual action: pick the template you'd like to use and the involved parties, update its content or minute the phone call, and save or send to log it into your customer’s timeline.

❗ Actions out of the blue are taken into consideration when calculating your next action’s trigger date. They will be updated to meet your workflow's minimum contact delay.


  • Is it possible to add recipients in cc/bcc when sending an action out of the blue?

Yes. The draft will, by default, add the contacts in cc/bcc from the suggested template. You add more and/or remove some.

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