If you've been invited to Upflow, you probably won't be sending chasing emails every day. However, we believe there's plenty of value for you, and here's why.

Level 1 / Basics: Check the high-level analytics

Level 2 / Drilling into the detail: Get a comprehensive understanding of your cash collection process and performance

Level 3 / Get involved: Participate in the cash collection effort when the time is right.

Level 1 / Basics

Even if you're short on time, you'll have the ability to check the most vital KPIs, in particular:

Your outstanding amount and main debtors > Make sure they are all under control.

Level 2 / Drilling into the detail

Get clear and real-time data on your accounts receivable to improve your cash collection: Track your DSO and the “Percentage Write-Off”

Level 3 / Get involved

  • Monitor your team's cash collection actions and outcomes

  • Ask to be cc'ed at an advanced stage of the collection process. This is a good way to add influence and drive customer action in the escalated reminder stages.

Email notifications

You can manage email notifications from your profile:

  • Actions to do

  • Last week's summary

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