Your contacts aren’t managed in your invoicing system but instead somewhere else. As a result, you would like to import your contacts via API or in bulk via an import csv file into Upflow from a different source than your invoicing system.

What is the solution?

We can disconnect Upflow from your invoicing system with regards to your contacts (careful, however, this operation is irreversible).

Once the operation has been done, in order to create a contact you can:

  • Manually add a contact in Upflow:

  • Create a contact by importing a csv/excel file: You send us the file, and we’ll take care of uploading the csv/excel file manually for you(1 time per month max).

  • Create a contact through API

These contacts aren’t able to be imported into your invoicing system afterwards.

How to prepare the csv/excel file

Information to know beforehand:

  • A contact must have an email address to be able to be imported

  • If a customer has several contacts, you can create as many contact lines as necessary. For each contact line, you must have at least the Company Name and Customer Identification.

The columns to be completed are the following:

  • Customer name (mandatory) as it appears in Upflow

  • External identification code (mandatory) indicated in customer details in Upflow

  • Contact’s Identifier code (mandatory): This ID is unique for each contact. It refers to the external contact reference in your system or in another system.

  • Contact’s Email (mandatory): this email must be used to distinctively identify each contact

  • Contact’s First Name

  • Contact’s Last Name

  • Contact’s Telephone Number

  • Occupation: the contact’s role in your organization. They could be tied to : ACCOUNTING, SALES, PURCHASER, or PAYER.

  • Main Contact: if your customer has several contacts, you can designate this contact as your main contact by typing "1" in the column. If several contacts from the same customer are imported as the Main Contact, the last contact imported will be considered as the main contact.

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