How are trigger dates calculated?

Find the right balance: you don't want to be forgotten but cannot flood contact’s box. Setting the right delay between actions will help!

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Actions are triggered following the interval you define with their carrying invoice’s due/issue date and the minimum contact delay you set.

These intervals and delays are calculated in calendar days.

Automatic actions, however, will not be sent during weekends (❗this doesn’t apply to bank holidays). If they are triggered, their execution will be pushed back to the following Monday (8.30 AM in the organization’s timezone).

Manual actions, as far as they are concerned, will appear regardless of the day, letting you decide whether they should be executed.

Let’s imagine the following workflow, configured with a 4 days minimum contact delay.

Let’s also have it be triggered by a carrying invoice due on October, 10th, a Sunday.

  • Action A will be executed on Friday, 8th (D-2)

  • Action B will be executed on Tuesday, 12th (D+2)

  • Action C cannot be executed on Saturday, 16th (D+6) and will be pushed to Monday, 18th

  • Action D cannot be executed on Sunday, 24th (D+14) and will be pushed to Monday 25th

  • Following the previous reminder’s postponing, Action E cannot be executed as the 4 days minimum contact delay isn’t respected. It will subsequently be pushed to Friday, 29th

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