If you are already using Mailgun internally, this option is for you. This will allow you to keep track of emails to see who received, opened, and clicked them.

For this option, you will have to:

  • Add records to your DNS

  • Create an alias for your email addresses

You can get in touch with our technical team to help you out with that.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to set up an alternate domain which consists of adding billing.mycompany.com instead of mycompany.com.

Reminder emails will then be sent from the email address: [email protected]

Step 1: Choose the "Configuring your DNS" option

Step 2: Input the new domain you'd like to use

The domain is the information entered after the "@" sign of your email address. To create a new domain and use it as an alias, you simply need to specify a term before the domain name such as finance or billing.

For example, if your domain is mycompany.com, you can add billing.mycompany.com if you don't already use it:

Step 3: Fill in the required fields for your DNS

Click on "Add Domain" and reach out to your IT team so that they can update your DNS records with the information provided by Upflow.

There should be 2 TXT records and 1 CNAME record to update.

Step 4: Verify your new domain

Once you have added this information to your domain, click on Settings > Organization > Deliverability > Verify your domain.

If everything looks good, you should see that your domain & records display a "verified" tick next to them.

Please note that DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to be effective.

Step 5: Set up email routing to your regular email adresses

In order to receive customer replies on your usual email, you simply need to update one last DNS record that will automatically route inbound emails from your @billing.mycompany.com address to your regular @mycompany.com address.

For example, here's how to do it for Gmail accounts.

Step 6: Update your users’ email address on Upflow

For security measures, only users with email addresses associated with the same domain are authorized to send reminder emails from this domain. Now since there is a domain with an alias, you will need to update all your Upflow users’ email addresses.

You can contact [email protected] for us to do update them.

Once the update has been done, your emails will be sent from your new domain email address. If the update has not been done, the email will continue to be sent from [email protected].

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