When sending an email you have the choice to send emails using your own dedicated SMTP server. An SMTP server is a mail server that you can use to send an email.

We recommend this solution if you're already using Mailgun for sending emails or are using Yahoo, Hotmail, and iCloud domains as they do not allow you to specify SPF/DKIM records. However, note that no tracking will be available.

Step 1

In the Deliverability section of your Settings, click on "Connect to your SMTP server"

Step 2

Complete the required fields to set up the SMTP server.

Domain name: which is the domain that Upflow will send the reminders from.
If your email address is [email protected], then you should add facebook.com as the domain name.

Then the credentials to use to connect to your SMTP server: User name, Password, Host, and Port. As well as specifying if you want to connect with SSL/TLS.

Step 3

Then you simply need to Save those fields, while saving we are going to make sure that we can properly access your server. Once the records are saved, all the emails will be sent from your own address email.


If you are using Outlook or Gmail with 2 FA you will have to follow this extra step.

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