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Enable direct debit with GoCardless
Enable direct debit with GoCardless

Allow your customer to set up their GoCardless mandate from your Upflow Customer Portal

Written by Dacha Kortes
Updated over a week ago

Link your GoCardless account to Upflow so your customers can instruct direct debits from their Portal. Clicking Pay now they’ll be redirected to your mandate and grant you the authorization to collect due amounts from their account.

💡 Cut admin costs with this payment method, and use Upflow to drive its adoption among your customers by advertizing it in your reminders!


Start with saving your GoCardless mandate unique link.

You will find it on the Customers menu of your GoCardless dashboard.

Click on Add customers (top right corner of your screen), and copy the URL under Link.

You can now access the Payment methods page of your organization’s Settings, and click on Add a payment method.

Paste your GoCardless mandate unique link there and decide whether you want to Activate this method by default for all your customers created after this setup. Don’t forget to save!

You can manage your Payment methods at a customer level from their Details page, or in bulk from their List.

💡 Ask your customers to activate the autopay feature with this method and systematically get paid on their invoices' due date!

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