Upflow can now be used as a way to increase your customers' adoption of direct debit and reinforce it as a preferred payment method.

In 1 click via the customer portal, your customers can access and sign your GoCardless mandate. You can also include reminders of this set-up in all of your communication workflows.

The value is two-fold! As usual, you have a systematic way to send reminders and collect payments from your customers. But now, you can also turn each upcoming or overdue manual payment into an opportunity to move customers to direct debit.

How to set this up?

First step is to add the GoCardless mandate link in your Settings > Payment Methods > Add a payment method

add GoCardless as a payment method in Upflow

If you click on "Activate by default", you will activate it for all your customers and by default for any new customer created.

You can then choose to deactivate it individually from the customer details.

Once this is set up, your customers will see a button "Pay by Direct Debit" on their customer portal (see screenshot)

pay by direct debit with GoCardless in Upflow

When your customers click on that button, they will open the GoCardless mandate link.

Where can you find your GoCardless mandate unique link?

Log into GoCardless and click on "Add customers." You'll be able to find the GoCardless mandate unique link (see screenshots below).

GoCardless mandate unique link
add new customers

Do you have any questions? Please reach out!

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