Understanding your Upflow invoice

I was billed an amount called "Invoiced value loaded in Upflow above plan threshold", what does this correspond to?

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Your Upflow plan includes an allowance for the total value (including tax) of invoices loaded onto your platform in a given period. Whenever this threshold is crossed, Upflow will apply overage fees.

Both the allowance and the overage fees applied vary according to the plan you currently are on and your plan frequency. The fees are billed at the end of the month in which your threshold was crossed.

For example if you are on a monthly plan:

  • Upflow will compare the total value of invoices loaded onto your platform during month n-1 to your allowance. If the threshold was crossed, you are billed through your invoice for month n

  • The allowance encompasses all invoices created/added on your Upflow platform during month n-1:

    • We use the "created date" in Upflow, not the invoice issue date. For most companies, these will be equivalent but this allows us to cover the billings in arrears

    • We only include invoices with a due date >= created date in Upflow to exclude any historical imports

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