tag a customer in Upflow

We've created a powerful feature that enables you to tag your customers. These tags are actionable and you can use them to assign account managers or workflows as you like (article).

Right now, this feature is available for users whose billing tool is connected to the Upflow platform via native integration. Tags are available and imported to Upflow from the following tools:

  • Sellsy

  • Chargebee

  • Stripe Billing

Note: At this stage, you can't create your own tags in Upflow. We import them from your billing tool.

If your tool is not listed above and you'd like to import your tags, please get in touch with us!

This feature is not available through our API. If your billing tool is connected to Upflow via API and you would like to tag your customers, please get in touch for further assistance.

Any other questions? Let us know!

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