import my replies via email in Upflow

Why should you import your customer replies in Upflow?

  • Get all the information you need before sending a reminder from Upflow, from your team, and your customer.

  • Don't spend your time looking for a potential reply to your last email reminder and avoid context switching

How will it work?

Replies you receive are forwarded to an Upflow email address, and we match it to one of your reminders. If we can't match it then we discard the email.

Your Upflow address can be found in your workspace settings.

You can access it here.

import my replies in Upflow

To import your replies in Upflow, you have the choice between importing them automatically using the reply-to field of a workflow, or manually by forwarding the ones you think should be in Upflow.

If you are using several platforms on Upflow, you will have to add the Upflow address for each platform.

Here's how you can set up the automated import


  • Can I log an email from scratch (that is not a reminder reply)?

It is not possible to log an email that is not a reply.

  • How long does it take for the import to be in my history?

The import is done in a few minutes.

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