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How do I import my email replies automatically in Upflow?
How do I import my email replies automatically in Upflow?

How to set-up the automatic import of your emails in Upflow

Written by Dacha Kortes
Updated over a week ago

Forward your customers’ replies to Upflow so they’re centralized on their Timeline, along with the reminders they follow up on. You can manually forward them individually or automate the process to gain time and not miss a single message!

Technically speaking

An Upflow email address is automatically generated with each of your organizations.

You can find it in the Replies section of your Settings.

Emails sent to this address are cross-referenced with your completed actions. When there’s a match, they are imported to the right customer’s timeline.

💡 Attachments, withing the following limitations are imported as well

  • Formats: PDF, DOCX, XLSX, ODT, ODS

  • Size per file: 26214400 bytes.

  • Number of files: 500

Combining the import with the Reply-to feature

When configuring a workflow, you indicate who receives your actions’ replies: their sender or a custom address.

Automate the replies import from your email client (Gmail, Microsoft…)

  • If they’re sent to an email group (ex: [email protected]), add your Upflow forwarding email to the users’ list.

  • If they’re sent to an individual address (ex: [email protected]), you will have to set a forwarding rule.

💡 Not having access to your email client, we cannot take over the configuration. Here is the related documentation of the most commonly used solution.

Test your setup by sending an email to your reply-to email address

A green mark under the forwarding email address should confirm the rule’s functioning!

Multiple organizations

Each organization has its forwarding email address.

If you manage several organizations and want to import replies to all of them, you will need to restart with each.

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