Setting up the automated email replies import will allow you to always be sure that if there is a reply to your reminders, it will be in Upflow.

The setup will take approximately 10 minutes depending on the set-up you have and is only available for Admins.

The replies will be imported thanks to your workspace Upflow address. You can access it from your settings page.

import my replies in Upflow

Set up your workflows reply-to with a dedicated shared address: e.g. [email protected]. This way, your customers will always reply to your collection emails via [email protected].

when replying to an email, the replies should be sent to

👉 Make sure the entire team in charge of the collection has access to this email address to get the replies.

Auto-forward setup

  • If the reply-to address is a standard email address, you will need to add an auto-forward rule so that any email you get is forwarded to your Upflow dedicated email address.

  • If the reply-to is a distribution list (group email), you will need to add the Upflow dedicated email address as a new recipient of the list.

Once this is set up, send a test email to your shared email address ([email protected]), you should see a green mark if we are able to get the email properly. You will also see when was the last time an email was received, to help you monitor that replies are imported.

Custom forwarding (currently in beta testing, we encourage you to share any feedback with us if you decide to forward manually your emails to your platform)

  • If, for a security reason, you don't want to share all emails received to your shared email address ([email protected]), you can create a proxy email address (e.g. [email protected]) that will be used in the emails reply-to, and will forward all emails to your shared email address ([email protected]) and only emails you want to share to your Upflow email address ([email protected]).


  • Is it possible to upload emails sent from Upflow on Salesforce using a bcc address?


In Salesforce, each user gets their own bcc address to send emails to Salesforce and you can define (i) who has the right to use the bcc and (ii) what happens when the emails arrive through it.

  1. use a shared Salesforce user e.g. “[email protected]” that has all of your Upflow's user emails in their acceptable email addresses.

    upload emails sent from Upflow to Salesforce

    If you don't send reminders from your own email address, then emails are sent from Upflow using our generic address [email protected] .

  2. if you do not want to use a shared Salesforce user, then you can add your own bcc address when manually executing an action from your platform (but will not work for automatic emails).

  • Will the import work if I have a subsidiary setup as automatic and manual for the others?

Yes. You can set up the replies automatically for all your platforms because each platform has its own forwarding address, and we will only matched based on the email sent from each platform.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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