How to link a credit note to an invoice?

Linking your credit note to an invoice can help synchronise your clients outstanding amount.

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Your Upflow platform is integrated with a native integration

If your Upflow platform is integrated to Netsuite, QuickBooks, Stripe Billing, Sellsy or Xero, we invite you to link your credit notes/memos to the corresponding invoice.s directly in your billing tool. It will then be synchronised from your billing tool to your Upflow platform.

Your Upflow platform is integrated with our API

You can link a credit note to an invoice directly from your Upflow platform from the detail of a credit note.

  1. Go into your Invoices tab

  2. Click on the Credit Notes section

  3. Click on the filter icon in the Invoices column, then on No customer linked

  4. Click on the credit note you want to link and select Link to invoice

  5. Chose the invoice you want to link your credit note to, click on the arrow where you want to apply it, and select Done

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