Enable ACH direct debits

Find out how to allow your customers to pay via ACH debit on Upflow

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Accelerate and simplify payments by giving your customers more payment options. Our secure customer portal makes it easy for your customers to pay all their invoices with just one click.

Pay with ACH debit in Upflow

Connect your Stripe Payments account to your organization and allow your eligible customers to instruct ACH direct debits when they're paying you from their Portal. Their transactions will appear in-app and, if your source system allows, be pushed there!

❗You can only enable this feature if using a US Stripe account for payments in USD.

❗❗If your Stripe customers are synchronized with your accounting tool, please contact us prior to setting up your ACH Debit.

You cannot set up this feature without admin access on Stripe. Learn about it in their article!


Stripe payments

❗You can only link one account per organization and cannot re-use it across your Upflow instances.

Ensure your Stripe account is compliant: set up your payment form and enable ACH Direct Debits by turning it on by default on your Stripe payment dashboard.

Upflow setup

When you’re all set in Stripe, head to the Payment tab of your Settings in Upflow, click Add payment method, and select Direct Debit (ACH) before choosing Connect to Stripe.

The connection is an Open authorization protocol, meaning you need to log into your account from Upflow to grant the application access to your information.

Set up your preferred options (you can edit them at any moment):

  • Activation for all new customers

    Automatically enable this payment method for all customers created after its addition to your organization.

…and Save!


Manage the method from the same menu. Edit its details or delete it completely.

You can enable it per customer from the dedicated section of their Details or assign it in bulk from their list. Identify those you didn't assign it to using the Payment methods column and filter!

On their end, the customers assigned this method will be offered the possibility of instructing a Direct debit from their Portal. If they go with this option, they will be redirected to your Stripe payment page.

As soon as they initiate a payment from their Portal, they will receive a confirmation, including their signed mandate from Upflow. Disable Stripe’s Debit emails to prevent the double notification!

💡 Ask your customers to activate the autopay feature with this method and systematically get paid on their invoices' due date!

Upflow being connected to your Stripe payments account, the operation is confirmed without delay on your organization. The transaction then appears on your Payment tab, and its amount is subtracted from the applied invoice—changing its status.

💡 Advertize it in your reminders to drive this method’s adoption and reduce payment delays!

From your customers to your source solution

Upflow pushes the payment information to some of our natively integrated solutions. Others will collect it from Stripe.

Source System

Write-back Availability




Sage intacct

Stripe billing





Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What happens when a payment is pending?

    • The linked invoice is directly marked as paid. There is no intermediary status. Our Product team is already looking at improving it; expect another status in the near future!

  • Will my customer receive a confirmation email receipt?

    • Yes, your customer will receive a confirmation email from Upflow when the payment has been done on the Portal

  • How is the payment created in Stripe?

    • The payment will have the type = us_bank_account

    • It will also have a description as follows = Upflow invoice #Number

  • What is the pricing?

    • ACH payments on the Upflow portal are free of charge (we will contact you should this change in the future)

    • ACH payment are subjected to Stripe fees: 1.2$ per payment + 0.8% (capped at 5$)

  • How does this differ from the card cost structure, and in what cases does it make sense to use ACH over a card?

    • Card payment fees: 0.30$ + 2.9%

    • Card payment is more expensive, up to 42$, therefore, ACH is cheaper

    • ACH fees stay flat after 625$

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graph of the difference between Stripe ACH payment vs. Card payment fees

Contact us at [email protected] if you have another question!

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