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How to activate your ACH Debit with Stripe
How to activate your ACH Debit with Stripe

Find out how to allow your customers to pay via ACH debit on Upflow

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Accelerate and simplify payments by giving your customers more payment options. Our secure customer portal makes it easy for your customers to pay all their invoices with just one click.

Pay with ACH debit in Upflow

You wish to allow your customers to pay by ACH directly from their customer portal? Here's a quick guide on how to set it up!

1. Eligibility

If your Stripe account is in the US and your payments are in USD, then you are eligible to activate this feature.

If you are synchronizing your Stripe customers with your accounting tool, please contact us prior to setting up your ACH Debit.

2. How to set-up ACH Debit

Step 1: Set it up in Stripe

The US Bank Account Debit should be activated by default in your Stripe Account.

Step 2: Set it up in Upflow

  1. Click on "Add payment method"

  2. Click on "ACH One-time Debit" and follow the steps

  3. This option will be activated by default for all your customers unless you untick the option on the flow

3. Activate this option at a customer level

ACH payments are now activated on your Upflow platform. You will be able to enable/disable it at the customer level if necessary.

4. Last step is to let your customer know that this option is available

We recommend that you update your chasing emails to let your customers know that that they can pay by ACH now.

5. Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What happens when a payment is pending?

    • The linked invoice is directly marked as paid. There is no intermediary status. Our Product team is already looking at improving it, expect another status in the soon future!

  • Will my customer receive a confirmation email receipt?

    • Yes, your customer will receive a confirmation email from Upflow when the payment has been done on the Portal

  • How is the payment created in Stripe?

    • The payment will have the type = us_bank_account

    • It will also have a description as follows = Upflow invoice #Number

  • What is the pricing?

    • ACH payment on the Upflow portal are free of charge (we will contact you should this change in the future)

    • ACH payment are subjected to Stripe fees: 1.2$ per payment + 0.8% (capped at 5$)

  • How does this differ from the card cost structure and in what cases does it make sense to use ACH over card?

    • Card payments fees: 0.30$ + 2.9%

    • Card payment is less expensive up to 42$, therefore, ACH is cheaper

    • ACH fees stay flat after 625$

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graph of the difference between Stripe ACH payment vs. Card payment fees

Contact us at [email protected] if you have another question!

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