We know these surveys might pop up for you or your team when you’re not expecting them, but if you have a minute to give us some feedback, it genuinely goes a long way towards making Upflow a better product for you and your business.

So, what is NPS? 🤔

NPS stands from Net Promoter Score and is an industry standard way to collect feedback from your customers. It usually starts with a simple question like “How likely are you to recommend our company to someone?

We collect feedback with NPS surveys throughout the user's lifecycle. We send the survey every 90 days.

Here’s Upflow's in-product NPS survey (we also send email versions):

NPS survey at Upflow

Ratings & comments

The survey asks you to rate your likelihood to recommend us from 0 to 10. These numerical ratings let us know how we’re doing.

We’ll then ask if you would you like to add a line or two to explain what you love or how you think we could do better. These comments are key for us to understand what you love, what you'd like to see and how we can improve.

NPS = Percentage of promoters (9 and 10) – Percentage of detractors (0 to 6)

Taking action

This is how we do it:

  • We ask for your feedback

  • You take time out of your day to give us feedback (thank you 🙏)

  • We make sure your feedback gets put to good use.

First and foremost, we analyse the numerical ratings at an account level.

  • If your account is on a managed plan, your dedicated Customer Success Manager knows how you and your teammates’ rate your experience with Upflow.

  • If you're on a self-served plan (Start or Rise), our Care team can also access these details.

Our Success team also see any comments from you and your team, good or bad. Honest feedback is incredibly valuable in maintaining a great constructive relationship with our users, and knowing how we can work together for you to achieve success.

Important note: We never share this information with anyone. It’s solely used by Upflow to improve our product.

For example, feedback regarding our platform or features will always get to our Product team. Feedback regarding our FAQ will get back to our Customer Care team. This is how each of our teams know where they can do better to ensure we continue to improve Upflow for our users.

We highly value your feedback, and it all goes towards making Upflow a better product for you and your business.

Thank you for your help 🙌

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