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Zuora and Upflow
How to set up your integration between Upflow and Zuora.
How to set up your integration between Upflow and Zuora.

Connect your Zuora account with your Upflow platform following these steps!

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integration Zuora and Upflow

In a few minutes, you will be able to dig into your ARs and start your collection, but before that, we need to get you set up! It takes approximately 10 minutes.

Step 1: Create a New user with API access rights

1.Go to your Zuora Plateform logged as an Admin.

2. Go to your Administration section

3. Click on Manage users then on add single user

4. Create a new user with that information:

  • First Name: Upflow

  • Last Name: Integration

  • Work Email: your own work email (This is important as you will get a verification email to activate the user) - If you already are using this email you can add "+Upflow" in your email as such: "[email protected]" instead of your [email protected] this will create an alias and you will be able to receive the email on your [email protected] inbox.

  • Login Name: Same as your work email

  • Zuora Plateform Role: Set as API User (This is important)

5. You will get an activation email from Zuora in your inbox, click on the link, and finish activation your Zuora login by filling up the information

Step 2: Create an OAuth client

1. With Your Admin account go back to the Manage Users tab

2. Click on the New User you just created. The following screen should appear :

3. In the section OAuth Clients create a New OAuth Client named "Upflow" and click on create. A window with 2 keys will appear :

Keep the two keys (Client ID and Client Secret).

Step 3: Share the Client ID and Client Secret with Upflow

1. Input the Client ID and Client Secret in Upflow

-> You are connected!

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