How to add attachments to my emails?

You can easily send your customers order forms, tax documents or timesheets along with their invoices to your emails. Find out how below!

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Add any contextual document that will help you collect your cash faster!

add attachments to emails

You can drag and drop a file directly in the email or click on “attach invoices” in your Actions tab. If you select “From my desktop”, you can either drag and drop a file or click on “attach document”


  • Is there a file size limit?

Yes, your attachments and documents shouldn't exceed 15MB or 100 files.

  • Are all types of files supported?


  • Can I attach invoices to my automatic emails?

Yes! You can check this option in your workflow for your 'automatic email' actions (you need to activate this option for each automatic email action in your workflow(s)). We will automatically include all overdue and due invoices PDF that are stored in Upflow.

You will then be able to find the email in your customer’s timeline which will include the attached invoices.

If you wish to include attachments that are not invoices, let us know! We’d love to learn more about your needs.

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