Tag someone in a message

Cash collection can involve many teams at different stages: from your Finance and Accounting departments, to your Sales and Account Manager teams or your C-levels.

You want to make sure the right people have access to the right information at the right time, which can be difficult to do as every team has its own tools and often, conversations get lost.

Upflow @mention feature helps you collaborate cross-department.

Ping another member of your Upflow platform without switching to another tool and keep everything logged on your customer’s timeline, even internal conversations with your teammates!

Here’s how it works:

You can tag a teammate who is part of your Upflow organisation within a note, directly in your customer’s timeline. The person you tagged will receive a notification directly in the notification center.

Note: you can only tag a teammate who already has access to Upflow and to the given customer, meaning you cannot ping another Account Manager than the one assigned to your customer (see our roles and permissions.)


  • I forgot to tag my teammate, can I edit the note to do it?

Although you can edit your note, @mentioning retroactively will not trigger a new notification.

  • Will I get an email notification if someone tag me?

Yes! The email will be sent from [email protected]

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