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How to import more information into Upflow?
How to import more information into Upflow?

Discover how you can import Custom fields from your system to your Upflow platform

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You can streamline your collection and assignation process by importing your custom information and add additional information to your Upflow platform.

The Custom fields feature allows you to segment your customers and assign them to the right Account Managers, workflows, and/or payment methods!

You can import information such as the subscription date or plan, the account ID, or any contextual information that lies in your systems at a customer level.


  • You must be an Admin to be able to enable this feature.

  • Custom fields are available on our NetSuite, Chargebee, Stripe Billing, and Quickbooks, Sellsy integration only.

  • Custom fields are available at the customer level only.

How to set up your custom fields?

import custom fields in my AR tool

Go to your Settings and click on the Integrations section. Scroll down to Custom fields, click on Add field and select the custom fields you want to import.

👉 Don't forget to hit the Save button!

How to add even more Custom fields on Chargebee?

The Custom fields you have selected will now be available in your Upflow platform, and will appear in your Customers tab, as well as on the Details tab of the individual customer's page (as seen below).

custom fields in the Customers tab

You can build saved views from your Customers tab to assign your customers to a specific workflow (as seen below) or an Account Manager, as well as export the list in a CSV file.

create saved views from the Customers tab

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