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How to add more Chargebee Custom Fields?
How to add more Chargebee Custom Fields?

Discover how to import custom fields into your Upflow platform for a streamlined and more efficient collection process.

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The Custom fields feature allows you to segment your customers and assign them to the right Account Managers, workflows, and/or payment methods!

You can import information such as the subscription date or plan, the account ID, or any contextual information that lies in your systems at a customer level.

If you want to add your Chargebee custom fields Upflow got you covered, in Settings > Integrations click on Add field and then Add custom field.

The fields added in your settings above, will then be available in your Customers tab. Filter your customers by custom field or create a new column based on these fields.

Here is a short video, showing you the different steps according to your needs:

In Chargebee as an Administrator, you can go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Custom Fields. This step will create and/or import your custom fields from Chargebee and make them available in Upflow.

In Upflow provide the API name as Custom field Name in Upflow and the data type as follow:

  • Single line text , Multiline text: STRING

  • Date picker: DATE

  • Timestamp: DATETIME

  • Numbers: FLOAT

  • Dropdown: SELECT

  • Checkbox: BOOLEAN

👉 Don't forget to hit the Add button!

You can now find these fields in your Customers tab.

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