A new position or new responsibilities imply different access to your Upflow account.

A member leaving the team might for instance require a limitation or a deletion. Ensure your organization is properly reflected in your teammates’ permissions on Upflow. You can manage them from the Members section of your Settings.

What will I see and how to navigate the list?

On this page, you will find the following information about your members:



First and last name

A member’s personal information, as displayed throughout the platform (@mentions, account management assignment…)


The address associated with the user’s account—used for login, receiving notifications, and sending notifications from (as long as your DNS is configured, that is!)

Role and Position

Define a user’s access to the different parts of your Upflow organization.

Created at

The user’s creation date


• Created: hasn’t received an invite and cannot log in yet.
• Invited: received an invite but never logged into their account.
• Joined: logged into their account at least once.

You will be able to perform most of the actions that can be completed on Upflow’s lists (search, filter, sort); and can manage each member by clicking on the three dots at the end of their line:

❗ It is impossible to perform bulk actions on the members’ list or rearrange your columns.

What can I do?

As an admin





Update a member’s Role and Position.

• Email addresses can not be updated by anyone.
• Personal information (displayed name) can only be updated at a personal level, from the Profile section of your settings.

Send invitation

Invite a member who cannot access their account yet.

This can only be applied to members with a created status.

Resend invitation

Resend the invite link to a member’s email address.

The option is only available for created and invited members.


Fully remove a member from your Organisation.

This action is irreversible!
Their accounts will be unassigned.

❗Shall a member’s address change (merging…), they will need a new account.

And if I’m the owner?

The organization's owner shares the administrators’ rights with an extra!




Transfer ownership

Grant another member the owner status and right.

If you want to revert this action, you will need the new owner to transfer the rights back.

💡If your owner has left the company and their account is no longer accessible, you can reach out to [email protected].

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