With our Actions graph from your Analytics tab, you can follow more closely performed actions month by month:

  • Action type: manual or automatic emails, calls, simple or registered letters;

  • How many;

  • Evolution over the last 12 months;

  • Filter and export this data.

↪️ Actions performed over the last 12 months by a specific Account Manager.

This feature helps you to:

  • See the time saved by these actions on your collection process;

  • Monitor the activity of the team as financial manager or monitor own performance;

  • Have a quick overview of the distribution of each action by type, especially for automatic actions;

  • Improve your workflows thanks to precise data.

Do you want to see the number and type of actions performed by one or more account managers? A specific workflow? Other criteria? It's possible!

Find out more in our detailed FAQ article: Filtering and exporting analytics. 🎉*

↪️ Actions performed over the last 12 months according to a specific workflow.

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