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How to enable my Salesforce integration?
How to enable my Salesforce integration?

Configure your Salesforce integration to automatically update your contacts and assign your account managers in Upflow.

Written by Dacha Kortes
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Reconcile information between Upflow, Salesforce and your billing tool - ensuring your account management data is always up to date and driving collaboration between your customer-facing and Finance teams!

👉 Your data will be updated every 24 hours from the moment you enable the synchronisation.

Matching the right information

We reconcile data from both your CRM and your billing tool with your Upflow customers. This feature will thus only work if the Salesforce account ID of your customers are imported into your billing tool as well.

You will find them under a custom field (you can reach out to your IT team if to confirm its name).

Don’t forget to add said custom field to Upflow as well so you can select it during the setup!

Connecting Salesforce to Upflow

All set? You can nom jump to your Settings tab - accessible from the bottom-left corner of your platform. Pick the CRM section, and click on Connect.

When doing it for the first time, you will need to link your Salesforce account to Upflow.

To do so, add your domain name in the window that will pop-up when you click on Connect.

💡 Your domain is the part preceding “” in your SF account URL.

You will then be asked to authorize the connection (click on Allow), before letting us know which field from your billing tool contains the Salesforce account id of your contacts (the aforementioned custom field).

This information provided, you will need to choose which elements you want the integration to import:

  • contacts and/or

  • account managers

Toggle the one(s) you are interested in getting in Upflow, click on continue, and voilà! Your Salesforce account is now synchronized with Upflow, and your information will be updated every 24 hours following certain rules.

💡 Please note you cannot use two integrations at once to update your contact information. By default, Upflow data will be maintained from your billing tool until you connect your Salesforce account.

You can toggle off the import contacts from your CRM at any time in your setting section.

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