Can I leave an account un-assigned?

Un-assign accounts from your Managers during transition periods (handovers…) or when setting auto-collection workflows.

Written by Dacha Kortes
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Account Managers can access the information of and take actions on the customers assigned to them. If you decide to fully automate a cash collection flow, need some time between two managers (or if it suits your internal organisation in any other way!) you can un-assign Accounts from them.

It is as simple as following the assignment process…and replacing your Manager‘s name with No account manager.

From the list view

👉 This will method will allow you to update several customers at once.

Once you have filtered and picked the Customers you want to update on your list view, click on the Actions button on the top right corner and select the option you are interested with.

From a customer's detail

Access to the customer you want to update, and click on the assigned Account Manager’s name. It will display a drop-down list you can pick your option from.

💡 When you un-assign an account from an Account Manager, their responsibility will be transferred to the organisation’s Finance users.

If your organisation has none, the owner will take over!

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